B2R announces its latest project: Audubon Phase III


Get to know this consulting engineering company.


B2R Consulting Engineers, although a newly created start-up, brings together 3 principals who have worked together for over 20 years creating a collective experience of more than 80 years of consulting. Our time working together has established what we believe to be an industry-leading collaboration between HVAC, electrical, plumbing and fire protection design for any renovation project or new building development.

Our People

B2R is comprised of highly-qualified professionals led by a management team of three principals:

Chris Richichi PE, LEED AP

HVAC Principal

Joseph R. Bartels PE, LEED AP

Electrical Principal

Joshua O. Ray PE, CPD, LEEP AP

Plumbing/Fire Protection Principal


Our strength is our hands-on approach to every project. The goal: maintain ‘design-intent’ in all project phases and assure the highest quality results for our clients. We ensure direct Principal involvement and continuity of lead design personnel from project inception right up to final closeout. These procedures give you the benefit of an individualized response for your project’s specific needs.

With every design, we strive to keep an eye on your future. The underlying B2R design philosophy is to assure that your systems have the most built-in flexibility possible. This allows you the ability to integrate new technologies as they emerge, with minimal re-design investment on your part.

Today’s challenges are different from tomorrow’s challenges.  Sustainability and resiliency should be at the forefront of conceptual design for all projects big or small.  The founding of B2R allows for more principal involvement to help you lead these important discussions and decisions.